Milan Oreski

About me

I am a violin maker

I am a violin maker with the status of a free-lance craftsman and I was also awarded the certificate of high quality handicraft instruments by the Chamber of Craft of Slovenia. I have been in contact with wood all my life and I really like working with it, because it has this sort of „energy” that other materials do not have, such as different types of metal. I have gained experience throughout the years, from working with wood and because of my nature of always researching and wanting to know more and more, my work with wood is influenced by many discoveries, based on biological, chemical and physical properties of the wood itself - all these were gained with a special biological, yet natural process.

With the collaboration of the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana (Deapratment of Wood Science and Technology) my discoveries and assumptions of the wood properties received an approval; even the acoustical properties of my wood were better than the ones ordinary piece of wood possesses.My knowledge gets bigger with every violin I make or repair, which puts me in a never-ending cycle of loving my work, violins, wood and learning new things about the violin.


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